Shared vision

Opportunity and experience builds confidence, expands minds and inspires a life of exploration, discovery and fulfilment. At International Sports Academy, we aim to inspire the next generation through the unique blend of athletic, academic and cultural experiences. International Sports Academy provides the perfect vehicle to embark on this life changing experience.



Values - Working in education has allowed me to see success and failure, to understand what works for some and not for others, to learn through experience, to do, to play, to enjoy, to learn. Some of the best experiences of my life were through sport, residential trips, the outdoors and meeting new people.

Experience - Since graduating from The University of Edinburgh with BEd (Hons) in Physical Education I have spent 20 years of my professional life leading and managing Physical Education, Trips & Excursions and currently a secondary school Depute Head Teacher. Before graduating working in the leisure and sports industry as a personal trainer, gym instructor, lifeguard and sports camp supervisor. My passion for sport came from a young age playing rugby, swimming, mountain biking and the odd round of golf!

Home - My wife and I have 3 great daughters, too young to understand the mental, emotional, social and physical contentment sport and activity brings… or are they? They explore, they play, they fall, they laugh… they learn.


Values - From a young age the virtues of hard work, determination and passion were instilled in me. I firmly believe in the benefits of being well rounded and encompassing the athletic, academic and cultural experiences in all that I do.

Experience - I graduated from The University of Edinburgh with a First Class degree in Physical Education and was awarded for excellence in teaching. I have been working full time in Education and quickly progressed through the role of Director of Sport and Physical Education into Senior Leadership within secondary education. I have worked at a world prestigious International Summer School in Switzerland as Director of Activities as well as House Parent. Prior to my appointment in Switzerland I worked as a Sports Specialist at one of the top Sports Camps in America. I have been involved in a range of sports from a young age and have competed on a national scale. One of my proudest achievements was Captaining the University of Edinburgh Athletics Club.

Home - A rural upbringing in North of Scotland has allowed me to appreciate family, friends, sport and the outdoors. Wherever I travel, I immerse myself in the culture and take advantage of the sporting experiences they present.


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